Report Tabs RICK AND MORTY as The Deadliest Show In Streaming

You read the title right. The animated series, Rick and Morty, featured on [adult swim] on the Cartoon Network, has been named, ‘The Deadliest Show in Streaming’.

The dynamic duo of Rick and Morty is the deadliest show, beating out heavyweights like The Walking Dead, Westworld and even Game of Thrones!

According to a report by BuzzBingo, Rick and Morty currently hoists the trophy with an average of 26.1 deaths-per-episode. Westworld is second with 25.9 DPE, followed by TWD at 23.2. Where exactly GoT falls into that range had not been addressed, but the report also listed that American Horror Story churnes in an average of 5.8, so we can only imagine it’s way more than that of AHS. Consider this, there are plenty of shows with much more higher numbers in total-deaths, like Supernatural, Z Nation and GoT, but R&M has only been on the tube since 2013, which makes for staggering averages. The numbers for the animated series, which utilizes cues from modern pop culture, equate to to 808 deaths, in 31 episodes, over three seasons!

What does the future hold? Well, here’s what we do know: Rick and Morty was renewed for a fourth season and co-show frontrunner Justin Roiland has announced there will be 70 more episodes, which puts it on track to run for at least another 3-4 seasons. What that means is we could be in for a lot more death.

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