Details For The New FRUITS BASKET Series Will Delight Fans

Fruits Basket

The new Fruits Basket series will soon be released. Set to stream in April from Funimation, the series is will be a newly animated adaptation of the original manga.

A new promotional video has been released which gives a glimpse into what fans can expect.

Details about the opening and closing for the anime show have also been announced as well. The opening will be “Again” by Beverly, who sung “Endless Harmony” the first ending of Fairy Tail Final. The ending “Lucky Ending” will be sung by Vickeblanka who also sung “Buntline Special” which was the ending for Double Decker! Doug & Kirill.

This new adaptation comes a welcome sight for fans of the series. The original Fruits Basket from Studio Deen ending up catching up to the original manga. Instead of creating more filler content waiting for the manga to be done, the series ended without animated more than half of the series which followed after the initial run of the anime. The new trailer advertises the show as “Fruits Basket: Season 1” and Funimation confirmed the entire manga series will be animated. For now, fans will just have to wait a little longer to finally enjoy the first part of this new take on an old classic.

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By Anthony Wendel

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