KILLING EVE – Still Got It | TV Review


“Still Got It” was a unique episode of Killing Eve as it divides its story into individual perspectives.

After discharging himself from a psychiatric hospital, Niko has returned home to Poland. Because of this Eve has fallen into a depression but given hope when Niko sends a photo. Villanelle finally gets promoted to be a keeper by The Twelve but Konstantin asks for a favor. While Dasha gets told by The Twelve that she needs to rein Villanelle in.

Due to this episode being structured as individual point-of-view it end up having an overlapping timeline as various characters cross paths. “Still Got It” was the Killing Eve version of The Simpsons episode “Trilogy of Errors,” an experimental episode that told the same story from three different viewpoints. Another Simpsons comparison would be the episode “22 Short Films About Springfield” which told individual stories that occasionally intersected.

The approach used by the writer Elinor Cook and director Miranda Bowen makes “Still Got It” stand out as an episode. If the episode didn’t use this style of storyline then it would have been a standard episode, i.e., Villanelle does some killing, Eve and Konstantin do some investigating, and Carolyn makes some sort of backroom deals.

The strongest story in the episode was Eve’s. In the episode Eve had stopped caring about her appearance and hygiene and gets taunted by Villanelle who sends her a birthday cake. Eve has an emotional heart-to-heart with Danny as they reveal all the bad things they have in their lives. It hints that the pair may form a romance. Eve has been the ringer this season, she started in a low place and she has sunk even lower by this episode.

Gemma Whelan also has a moment to shine as Carolyn’s daughter, Geraldine. Whelan has a powerful monologue when she states she’s worried about her mother because Carolyn doesn’t talk about Kenny. Whelan was best known for playing Yaya Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, a badass warrior woman, so she gets to show her range by playing a more vulnerable character.

Jodie Comer continues to be great as Villanelle. She finally gets to interact with Konstantin like they used to. In this case, Villanelle acts like a child when in a cable car. There was also an important development because Villanelle wants to go to Russia and find her family, information that Konstantin has. Villanelle showed her sadistic side when she goes on her assassination mission in this episode. Villanelle plays with a grieving widow and showed herself as the psychopath she is by acting kind before killing the woman.

As well as the character drama “Still Got It” continues the plot point involving the missing $6 million. Even though the accountant in the previous episode was suspected to have taken the money, Carolyn believes that there was some else stealing from The Twelve.

“Still Got It” was a decent repacking of a standard Killing Eve plot and sets up something interesting for the next episode.


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