A Quick Look At The Past Couple Of Years’ Good Movies That Lost Best Picture

A quick look at the past couple of years’ good movies that lost the best picture battle at the Oscars.

What if every edition of Academy Awards resulted in two winners for each category? It would be madness, right? However, in that case we would get a complete picture of the goings-on in the film industry at any given point of time whenever we look back at it in the future.

In this short article, we will do exactly that! We will go over the past couple of years’ history of Oscars and tell you about the winner as well as the other good movies that lost the Best Picture battle to the surprising winner.

2019 Academy Awards

‘Parasite,’ directed by Bong Joon Ho won the Academy Award for the Best Picture this year. It actually came as a shock to a lot of people, for some valid reasons. First, it was the first time that a foreign language film had bagged the top honors at the Oscars. It also felt slightly off that Academy could get things so right a year after making a big blunder. The majority of film pundits had backed Sam Mendes’s ‘1917’ to claim the top prize; however 2019 was an unusually strong year for the movies, with plenty of choices in the nominations.


Looking at it in retrospect, it’s pretty weird how swiftly the buzz around Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ died when it came to this category. ‘Marriage Story,’ the nuanced divorce drama delivered by Noah Baumbach and ‘Little Women’ by Greta Gerwig too could have had very good chances in other years, and are guaranteed to be remembered for a very long time. However, the biggest disappointment came for ‘Once Upon a Time…..in Hollywood’, a work of Quentin Tarantino, who once used to be an independent interloper and is now a veteran of the Hollywood industry. The film, which had very good Odds to win an Oscar in 2020, recreated Los Angeles of Tarantino’s days of the youth and used the story of friendship, insecurity, and aging to dwell upon a moment that changed the film history. It’s a film in which Tarantino put aside his fixation with revenge narratives, something he has come to be known for over the years. Instead, he focused on an introspective and funny film based on the gradual passage of time, with dreams dimming and accomplishment of small victories by making artworks inside a system which doesn’t value it at all.


2018 Academy Awards

There are times when you are confident that the best picture winner will deliver a ‘Wait, What?’ reaction from everywhere. For instance, “Wait, What? ‘Goodfellas’ got beaten by ‘Dances with Wolves’?!” And so on. 

In the 91st edition of the Academy Awards, the feeling kicked in right away when ‘Green Book’ was declared the winner over The Favourite / A Star is Born / Black Panther / BlacKkKlansman. More than anything, the reaction was applicable to ‘Roma,’ a deeply personal tribute created by Alfonso Cuaron, highlighting not just the place and times that made him, but the live-in maid who had helped bring him up too. The film was a journey into his past, not through Alfonso’s eyes, but hers instead. 


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