Review: AGGRESSIVE RETSUKO Season 2 Deals With Growing Up And Staying True To Yourself

Aggressive Retsuko

The second season of the popular series Aggressive Retsuko (also known as Aggrestuko) has arrived on Netflix. Does it bring as much entertainment as the first season and the Christmas special did? Or does it lose its metal on the second outing?


Thanks to her overbearing mother, Retsuko finds herself thrust back into the dating scene. While at the same time she deals with training a new co-worker, getting her license, and still holding down her job.



This season of Aggrestuko manages to find a way to stay just as deep with its look into adult life. Many point to Bojack Horseman as the primary cartoon featuring animals looking at mature subject matter but this show comes with such a bleak outlook on life. Aggrestuko finds a way to look at issues such as dealing with your love life, working with a coworker who makes you feel uncomfortable, and the eventual steps of getting married and having kids without such a negative spin on it.

This doesn’t mean every aspect of the show is happy go lucky. As Retsuko deals with the issues in her life a sense of fear and exhaustion which comes from tackling these problems head-on is present. The audience worries Retsuko may just give up and fall into depression as she works to overcome the trials before her. Much like real life, the trouble which appears can be all-consuming and seem like they never go away. This is what makes this series so entertaining. It manages to show what can come from having a bit of optimism, having friends to talk about it with, and how a way a hobby to destress after a long day can do wonders for a person.


The quality in animation did not drop at all between the first and the second season. The characters look just as detailed as ever and the slapdash changes to their design make for great moments of comedy. The physical tells such as rolling eyes, biting lips, and nervous twitches make the new character of Anai appear like a disturbed individual someone would dread having as a coworker.


The second season of Aggressive Retsuko is just as entertaining as ever. Thanks to the entertaining look at dating, marriage, and relationships it is definitely a show everyone needs to check out. It’s surprising when you realize Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty is behind this series. Sure the cute character designs make sense but the deep characters and authentic emotional experiences the show is able to touch upon is the real surprise which makes the series so enjoyable.

Agressive Retsuko Season 2 is available on Netflix.

By Anthony Wendel

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