Review: Bonds Are Pushed To The Limit In SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER Season 4


Another fantastic season full of engaging characters and deep storytelling.

With the fourth season of Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the audience will not be able to rely on everything working out for the better at the end of each episode. Instead, fans will find themselves at the edge of their seat wondering if everything is going to be okay. How does this emotional rollercoaster ride of season stack up?


After the major changes from the previous season, both the Rebellion and Horde have new leaders. With the massive threat of Horde Prime on the horizon, it would be a terrible time for the Princess Alliance to begin to have infighting and disagreements.




This season is full of emotional moments. With her mother gone, Glimmer is made the Queen of Bright Moon. As the old saying goes “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility” and with her new role as Queen and the weight it bears, Glimmer finds her relationships becoming strained. At the same time, Adora is doing her best to investigate what really happened with Mara, the previous holder of the mantle of She-Ra. As these two characters struggle to grow and find themselves, they end up butting heads in the process and creating tension as a result.

The use of the shapeshifter really shakes things up in this season. Double Trouble takes the whole trope of “The shapeshifter messing things up for an episode” and turns it on its head. The damage caused by Double Trouble and their scheming in this season will affect the series moving forward. Without going into spoilers, things are said and actions are taken which will be hard to fix with a simple apology.



The animation quality doesn’t dip for a moment in this season. A special shout out to the episode “Hero” as it utilizes the animation to showcase how Madam Razz’s mind works and how she is unable to distinguish the difference between the present and the past. The episode also showcases Mira’s transformation into She-Ra, a first for the series.


The performance which really steals the spotlight this season Jacob Tobia as Double Trouble. Every time Double Trouble is on the screen, they seem to steal the show (not intended as a pun on the character themselves being a performer). Through careful manipulation and fantastic voice work on behalf of Tobia, Double Trouble comes off as a cold, calculating, yet dynamic individual who will sell out their own parents if the price is right.



The new season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power shakes up the status quo. It continues to deliver a strong presentation, great messages, and an overall incredible experience for anyone looking for the sheer enjoyment animation is able to deliver. Another fantastic season and the showrunners should be proud of what they have produced.


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