Review: DEADSIGHT Is Blind To Its Own Problems


Deadsight is centered around an admittedly frightening concept, but unfortunately, it is simply too generic to be particularly entertaining.
Technical Merit

Deadsight, directed by Jesse Thomas Cook and written by Liv Collins and Kevin Revie, is yet another horror film hoping to revitalize the dying zombie subgenre. Unfortunately, like so many other movies of this type, Deadsight falls victim to its gimmick and ultimately feels much more dead than alive.

The concept behind this film is surprisingly quite unique. Being partially blind during a zombie apocalypse is an absolutely terrifying thought. Sadly, the script does not take advantage of the sense of internal dread that this idea evokes, instead opting for a rather trope-laden survival thriller that is frankly not that interesting.

Perhaps the single biggest issue with the movie is that it is so repetitive. Even beyond the fact that almost everything about the film is generic, Deadsight is frustrating because it presents the same bland thing over and over again for the entirety of its hour-and-a-half-long runtime. Then the movie ends in what is likely the most anticlimactic way possible.

The first action sequence of the film, in which the blind protagonist attempts to escape an ambulance while unaware of his surroundings or the events transpiring, is undeniably the coolest in the movie, if only because it is the first. Most of the subsequent action sequences play out in a similar fashion, and as such, are unable to live up to the somewhat satisfying precedent set by the opening.

deadsight key art

The film certainly doesn’t look bad, which is more than you can say about most entries in the genre. For a B-horror movie, the cinematography and production design are pretty solid. The movie as a whole has a muted color scheme rooted in tones of grey, which, albeit overused in horror in general, works in this case. The practical effects for the zombies and gore are very good too.

Additionally, the characters in the film aren’t written terribly. They are rather archetypal and don’t have much of a personality, but at least they aren’t stupid people making stupid decisions for the length of the movie. Unlike most horror characters, you don’t hate them and you actually want them to succeed and survive the events of the film.

The actors do a solid job of bringing their characters to life, even if what they have been asked to do isn’t that demanding. Stars Adam Seybold and Liv Collins have good chemistry together and are believable as an “end of the world” duo who are forced to pair up in order to stay alive. Ry Barrett has an extremely brief but effective cameo as someone who the two leads encounter on their journey.

Deadsight is the type of movie that will fade from your memory almost immediately after seeing it. Although it definitely isn’t the worst movie to come out this year, it is unlikely to please most who will watch it.

Deadsight hits DVD and VOD on July 2. The DVD includes no bonus features.


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