Review: DIMENSION W Will Draw You In


Dimension W doesn't drag things out and keeps a tight plot for the entire 12 episodes.

Dimension W is a series which was big when it was released but doesn’t get a lot of mention today. The year it came out, it seemed like everyone was talking about Dimension W and praising it left and right. Was it just momentary hype or does this series deserve more attention than fans seem to give it?


In the near future, devices known as “coils” harness the power of another dimension. Seeking illegal coils, bounty hunter Kyoma Mabuchi spends his days resisting the use of dimensional energy. That is, until a very realistic and adorable robot, Mira, gets mixed up in things. Partnering with the reluctant Kyoma on his missions, together they uncover the truth behind the mysterious power.

Dimension W


The series is blessed with an interesting concept and a solid story. The mystery surrounding the numbered coils is the driving force behind the entire series run. Absolutely no filler is used and every moment helps with addressing the overarching plot. It’s the type of show which may require a rewatch to make sure the viewer didn’t miss any details in the initial viewing.

The show is made more enjoyable thanks to how its cast blends together. Kyoma is the definition of a “no-nonsense” individual and Mira is a very energetic and curious soul. The pair play off each other well and leads to some great interactions. Kyoma’s hatred for coils is not simply an unnecessary character quirk but helps to drive the plot. Too many character quirks have a way of distracting from the story and not adding anything of note to the overall story. Other creators would benefit from watching this series just to realize the importance of good character backstories and motivations.

Dimension W


This series is full of great animation but it is not without its fault. The character designs never decrease in quality. Still, there is a glaring issue with the show. A method of showcasing the characters against solid-colored backgrounds with just a bit of shadow around them. It’s obviously a cost-cutting measure but it is one which is noticeable and keeps the series from receiving a perfect score in this category.


This release is full of some very entertaining extras. The usual bits of commentary are included but the real appeal is the shorts which are provided. W Gate Online features Mira and another character in cute forms talking about aspects of the series and The OVA “Do Robots Dream of Bathhouses” is a quaint little epilogue to the entire series. Definitely worth the checking out.

Dimension W


Dimension W needs more attention. It’s short but makes sure to not waste a bit of the screen time with unnecessary elements. It’s a series full of action, drama, and fun characters. It may not be a masterpiece but it obtains a level of excellent shows with longer run times isn’t able to accomplish. Fans of good anime deserve to pay a visit to Dimension W.

Dimension W is available from Funimation.


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