Despite Narancia’s rather annoying character traits, these are two episodes which continues a promising arc to the series.


Hitman Team
Narancia's Lil Bomber

The new arc of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind continues to focus on Narancia as he goes for errands only to be caught by the enemy. Does the series continue to entertain or is too much Narancia get annoying fast?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Hitman Team

Narancia pulls out all the stops as he fights against the effects of Formaggio’s stand.

The new villians for this arc, The Hitman Team are shown. Not all of their powers are put on display but the team and what they represent is presented. Also, the brutality of the world of the gangsters is shown as a pair of the Hitman Team received a harsh punishment for trying to find out the identity of the unknown boss. It’s very shocking and upsetting to say the least.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

There also is more of Narancia’s Aerosmith Lil Bomber. It’s proving to be one of the best remote stands ever shown. On top of being the equivalent of a magical drone, it’s also shown to allow Narancia to track his opponents in a very unique way.

Intense action mixed with a powerful backstory makes for a very entertaining episode overall.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Narancia’s Lil Bomber

A look at Narancia’s origin as he struggles to defeat Formaggio once and for all.

This episode has a scene which is nothing but nightmare fuel. As Narancia continues to shrink, Formaggio throws him in a battle with a spider. For anyone who has a fear of spiders, it was an intensely uncomfortable scene to watch.

Golden Wind

Narancia’s origin helps to showcase why he seems to be a bit on the slow side. He never had a lot of proper guidance until he met up with the members of his team. Still, he is shown to have an important redeeming quality by being willing to give his all for his team. He may not be the sharpest tool in the box but he is someone you would want on your team. He proved his worth in these episodes and hopefully he won’t have to wrestle with a giant spider again in future.

Another pair of great episodes. The only one left of the team who hasn’t had their past or stand power explored. He will no doubt have a chance to shine in next time.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wing is streaming on Crunchyrol.


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