A new chapter opens up and brings new challenges for the team.
The First Mission From The Boss

The intense moments of the previous episodes take a backseat in this episode of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind in favor of laying some groundwork for things to come. Is it enough to keep the audience interested though?


Finally made it to the island, the team find themselves presented with a new task.

A lot happens in a short amount of time. The fortune the team sent out to find is located, Bucciarati is made a Capo, and his team is given a new mission. This task comes with introducing a new member to the group.

Jojo's bizarre Adventure

Everyone please welcome Trish. She’ll be your plot point for the foreseeable future. Trish is a 15 year old, likes high end goods, getting her way, and in the brief amount of time she is on screen is shown to be someone you wouldn’t want to share a long car ride with. Now, characters in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure have found ways of starting off as being annoying but were able to redeem themselves later on. Iggy is a prime example of this. Still there are characters which started annoying and stayed annoying their entire time in the series (looking at you Polnareff). Hopefully Trish will find ways to showcase both her worth and another side to her personality moving forward. One can only hope at least.

With the new mission of protected Trish, the team decides to sent Narancia out for errands. A move where you can’t help but find yourself asking: WHY? This kid has shown he so far needs a chaperone at least 23 hours of the day. The main reason of course is to show off his stand Aerosmith Lil’ Bomber, a small plane which is filled with lots of projectiles. Yes this is a another bad translation change to avoid copyright but still not as bad as the recent change of Craftworks to Arts and Crafts. The action as he fights off an attacker is a nice cap to an otherwise dialogue heavy episode.

Jojo's bizarre Adventure

There is enough action and setup present to keep this episode interesting. Trish is going to be a magnet for danger and it’s going to result in a lot of Stand users to come out of the woodwork to challenge the team to a fight. Moving forward, expect a lot of action and blood in the streets as the team’s new seat of power comes at a terrible cost.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is streaming on Crunchyrol.


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