Review: KILLERS ANONYMOUS Surprisingly Kills It


Killers Anonymous isn't perfect, but it's just the right amount of campiness to work very well as one of the most fun B-movies of the year so far.


Technical Merit

Killers Anonymous is an energetic new action movie directed by Martin Owen about a support group where killers can come and share their stories and transgressions with the hope of coming to terms with themselves. However, when an assassination attempt is made on a high-profile politician, the group must figure out who among them is responsible.

After a fun and (literally) killer cold open, the film propels us straight into the world of the eponymous organization. Sure, you’re going to have a lot of questions, and that’s only natural, but about two-thirds of the way through the movie, those questions will be answered in a gloriously satisfying and entertaining way.

The structure of the film is actually rather unique. For a while, it plays out almost like an anthology movie, as each of the characters tells their story about how they became a killer and what sins they have committed. This part has a few cool moments (and some excellently-shot portions), but isn’t the most memorable.

More memorable is the final act, in which the film shifts into a web of relationships and double-crosses. The ending does feel somewhat rushed (particularly the big climax), although it is still tons of fun to watch because of its infectious energy. The movie is definitely messy and chaotic, but in a way that is super charming.

killers anonymous church

The film does leave a lot to be explored should the movie catch on enough for a sequel. (It’s possible that this could gain a cult following if it eventually gets enough attention on streaming platforms.) The mythology of the eponymous organization is wide open, with Gary Oldman’s character an easy way to expand the world even further than we have already been shown.

For an ensemble-driven film with mostly lesser-known names, the acting is pretty strong. Gary Oldman and Jessica Alba are the two big stars in the movie, although they give what results to little more than glorified cameos. The real lead of the film is Rhyon Nicole Brown, who does a great job in her role, able to handle both sides of the coin very well.

Other members of the group are played by Tommy Flanagan, Michael Socha, Elliot James Langridge, Tim McInnnerny, Elizabeth Morris, and MyAnna Buring. Langridge is memorable as the lovable comedic relief character, having that goofy charm that adds a bit of bounciness to the movie. Morris is also cast very well as the loose cannon, getting some of the most fun action sequences.

Killers Anonymous is a stylized and fun B-movie action-thriller. If you are looking for a relatively mindless popcorn movie with a pretty short runtime, this is definitely a very good option.

Killers Anonymous hits theaters and VOD on June 28.


Sean Boelman
Sean is a film student, aspiring filmmaker, and life-long cinephile. For as long as he can remember, he has always loved film, but he credits the film Pan's Labyrinth as having started his love of film as art. Sean enjoys watching many types of films, although some personal favorite genres include dramatic comedies, romantic comedies, heist films, and art horror.


  1. If Sean wishes to be taken seriously as a commentator … I can’t use the word critic here because if he can’t find anything to object to in this debacle then, in his book, everyone deserves full marks for trying…. he should stop taking backhanders from film distributors. How else do you explain this paean of praise for what must be one of the tritest, laziest, most unforgivably dull movies to come out this year.
    Or have two films with the title ”Killers Anonymous” been released at the same time, and I just watched the really bad one…?
    Of course, I made the mistake of thinking anything with Gary Oldman in it has to be worth my time. I won’t be making that mistake again … he joins Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Val Kilmer and … god help us… Robert DeNiro in the file marked ‘suspect’.

    • Hi Stephen,
      I totally understand that this film is flawed. Was it one of the best films of the year? Not at all. Still, I had a ton of fun watching this with the mindset of it being a B-movie action flick. If you go in expecting something like John Wick, you are looking for the wrong thing. But on its own level, as a “dumb fun” movie, Killers Anonymous has a lot to offer. Neither I nor POPAXIOM receive any compensation from the studios for positive reviews (at least to my knowledge), and these opinions are purely my own. I am sorry that you did not enjoy the film as much as I did, but film and art in general are subjective, so every movie will have some people who love it and some people who hate it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • Only joking about the back hander. My bad.
        But, B-Movie action flick…?
        1) B-Movie: Regardless of how much money has or hasn’t been laid out in the production of a movie, its audience invests the same amount of its time and pays the same admission fee to watch it. If low budget film makers want punters who watch John Wick movies to spend their time and money on their product, they have to give us something in place of the expensively innovative action scenes that John Wick can afford, and which they can’t. This takes wit and talent … neither of which are on display in Killers Anonymous.
        2) Action movie: What action? Practically the whole thing is about a set of characters sitting talking in a room. The acting was OK, if ultimately unconvincing, but the script was terrible. And the action, when it came, was poorly executed and incoherent..
        And I can’t even give it the benefit of the doubt and say it was well intentioned. Using Gary Oldman and Jessica Alba to draw the suckers in and then using flash ”London-By-Night” exteriors to keep them in their seats until they’ve sold them the alcoholics/killers anonymous premise might have been forgivable if the premise had been developed in any meaningful way. But it wasn’t.
        In fact it was only the evident, calculated cynicism with which this thing was put together which fascinated me enough to keep watching when I really should have given up after the first half hour.

        • Hi Stephen,
          I definitely understand both of your criticisms. Personally, the concept of a support group for killers was really interesting, and even if it wasn’t fully fleshed out, it was an intriguing enough concept to keep me interested for the length of the film. Additionally, the flashback structure in which the different killers relive their past experiences caught my attention. Yes, that type of thing is hardly original, but it is unique. Although I do acknowledge that the film was (extremely) rushed, the energy is what drew me in, and ultimately, I really enjoyed the film. Something just clicked with me for this film, but I am sorry that you did not enjoy it.


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