Review: LOOK MOM, I CAN FLY Highlights The Meteoric Rise of Travis Scott


The latest Netflix documentary is a creative look into the life of Travis Scott during his rise to international superstardom, fatherhood, and more.
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Jacques Webster II, better known as Travis Scott, had an absolutely meteoric rise over the past year or so. With the release of his highly anticipated album “Astroworld”, Scott propelled to international stardom and showed no signs of slowing down. He had always been a massive artist within the hip-hop realm, but it feels as if nobody could have predicted just how far Scott could take his artistic talents; except for the man himself. And with a brand new Netflix documentary entitled Look Mom, I Can Fly, it shows exactly where this drive and determination came from.

Having released his first official mixtape, “Owl Pharaoh”, in 2013, Scott slowly started building acclaim. From working with artists like T.I. and Kanye West, Scott was able to break through. Look Mom, I Can Fly shows a lot of recent concert footage where madness ensues, but it has the most impact when it shows footage from these earlier times. Scott is shown performing in a crowd of no more than 20 onlookers, a few of which are friends. The footage then cuts to Scott watching this performance on a phone, prior to performing for thousands upon thousands of fans.

Travis Scott
Travis Scott during his SuperBowl performance.

Juxtapositions like this are present throughout the documentary, and it’s incredibly optimistic to see Scott’s wildest dreams come true. Glimpses are shown of Scott as a child, either showing his early appreciation for music, or him enjoying the rides at “Astroworld” in Houston, his hometown. As a fan, seeing his climb to both massive critical and commercial acclaim inspected so deeply is incredibly fulfilling. It will surely revitalize one’s love for the music and experiences he has created so far, and hopefully, will encourage new listeners.

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Look Mom, I Can Fly provides some insight into the creative process of the album, but one would hope for more. The documentary seems to have come together during the tail end of recording, yet there’s more than enough going on to provide context into the life of Scott. From his brief arrest at his own concert to the birth of his first child with Kylie Jenner, Scott went on quite the journey over the course of a year. There’s plenty of ups and downs, and it’s interesting seeing his lowest moments considering his stage persona is pure energy at all times. These moments allow fans to see Scott in a way that hasn’t really been shown prior, and it allows a deeper appreciation of not only his slower songs, but of his reasoning for constantly causing enjoyable mayhem at shows.

Travis Scott
Travis Scott’s inaugural Astroworld Festival in Houston.

Houston rap is an entire sub genre of hip-hop, and it truly is singular in its style. What’s so impressive is how often Scott can make you forget he’s a Houston rapper, while never abandoning that style. He’s found a way to propel not only himself to stardom, but also an entire sub-genre. And through his inaugural Astroworld festival to commemorate the actual theme park in Houston to multiple conversations with the mayor of Houston, his deep respect for the city is incredibly apparent. His ideals and reasoning behind his music is truly from the heart, and when he speaks on his career, it’s evident that he is far from finished.

Whatever Scott decides to do next will surely be a spectacle. With multiple sneaker collaborations, as well as a collaboration with Reese’s Puffs cereal, a growing toddler, and the massive influx of listeners, he has set quite the bar for himself. But if the incredibly creative Look Mom, I Can Fly proves anything, it’s that he won’t only raise the bar once more, but may break it in the process. And his fans would have it no other way.

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