The season has the hardest challenge the characters have ever faced and it is a ride fans will not soon forget.

The final season of Netflix’s hit series She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power has arrived and looks to give fans one last ride they will never forget. Will it be enough to satisfy fans after the intense cliffhanger they were left with after season 4? Somehow the showrunners found a way to outdo themselves with this last adventure


Horde Prime, a world conqueror has arrived on Eternia looking for the weapon which will allow him to bring his version of order to the galaxy. Only Adora and the remnants of the Princess Alliance are the only things standing in his way. How will they win when Adora can no longer become She-Ra?



Shifting alliances and impossible odds are the highlights of this season. Horde Prime makes it clear in the first episode he is the final boss and he is holding all the cards. Through his clones and his resources, he is shown to be everywhere at every time and is more than the rebellion can handle. This sense of an impossible force keeps the watcher on their toes and the character drama is what makes the ride even more entertaining.

The trials the cast goes through will tug at the heartstrings of the fans as they watch the final episodes. Between Horde Prime’s large army and his ability to control individuals friendships are tested and bonds are restored. Some of the struggles the cast face include Adora having difficulty not being She-ra anymore, Catra finding herself struggling to find a place in Horde Prime’s army, and Glimmer’s desperate attempt to escape and rejoin her friends. It would be telling to give away all the emotional moments which take place in this final season but know some fans have been waiting for since season one occurs and it will send the internet wild with applause.



The animation remains at a high level of quality throughout every single episode in this final season. A lot of attention is paid to the night time scenes as they help to illustrate Horde Prime is coming from space and the danger his forces present. Few previous locations are utilized and all of the new settings help to keep the viewing experience incredibly fresh.

The most appealing visual aspect of the final season is the shifting opening sequence. It does not remain the same through the entire 13 episodes and changes throughout the season to reflect the loyalties and the team formation. Many title cards are utilized and will be heavily posted once the final season drops so it may be better to watch as soon as possible to avoid spoilers.



With intriguing drama, impressive visuals, and a theme song which remains one of the best of all time, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5 is one for the history books. It should be noted the press was only allowed 10 out of the 13 episodes for this final season. The absolute ending remains a mystery. Still, unless the showrunners completely drop the ball, the fifth season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is one of the best final seasons Netflix has ever given its audience.


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