Review: SOMEONE GREAT Is A Trip From Heartbreak To Heartfelt


Someone Great, on Netflix for a couple of weeks now, has a unique realism to it, deserving it of a re-watch. It’s not your typical romantic comedy, but it’s enough that love is a central point of it all.

Ready for the next step in her life, Jenny, played by Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin) seems to have it all. Accepting a job at Rolling Stone, deeply in love, something had to give. Naturally, the conflict takes place almost immediately into the movie, with Rolling Stone requiring a significant move on Jenny’s part. Located in San Francisco, clear across the country from the New York City setting, means having to leave a life that’s been blossoming. While a positive thing happens in life, we have an equal and opposite event happen. That seems to be a common theme for those in their twenties.

Starting with Nate Davis, played by LaKeith Stanfield (Sorry To Bother You), we see the two just at the tail end of the relationship. It’s abrupt; it seems like there is nothing solidifying the choice to end it. However, as the movie progresses, the growth is laid out exceptionally well. By the end of things, you feel like years of a relationship were laid out, hard not to relate to.

Director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson furthers the narrative is the use of social media and texting over clips showing what was and what is Jenny’s conflict. You have a good grasp of what their love was like then and now. Through the support of Blair and Erin, played by Brittany Snow (John Tucker Must Die) and DeWanda Wise (Underground), she’s on the mend, but something needs to happen. Much like our real lives, everyone has a role in life.

Dealing with the heartbreak, we arrive at where our story takes off. One of the most relatable moments comes fairly early and right after the breakup. Dancing in our kitchen, in our underwear, drinking bourbon from the bottle with a straw. Taking a page right out of the “Things We Have All Done In Our Twenties” textbook. This is capitalized in the following scene below:

Through their search for tickets for “Neon Classic,” the girls set off on personal adventures with a common goal. One thing that Someone Great gets right is the role that each character has in each other’s lives. You genuinely believe that the characters have been friends for years, through thick and thin. It’s not a 2-D narrative about finding love after losses; it’s a believable story of the support you need during. Also, that self-love is just as important as having others to love.

Additionally, each character deals with a different point in life, and it’s the others and how they respond defines what true friendship like. Highs and lows, heartbreaks and friendships you keep in those times are what really make life go on. Life comes full circle, and I applaud Someone Great for hitting that on the head.

Finally, you feel a sense of purpose and direction that things are going to be alright. By the end of the movie, you don’t see the girl and guy disappearing into the future together. Jenny has a tremendous internal monologue about how young love was great, but the self-love of moving on when growing apart happens is an exceptional finish. Lastly, you feel an overall appreciation for each other and love for one’s self that makes you feel happy. That alone is what pushes the genre of a romantic comedy. Interject yourself into any role in this movie, and you’ll understand where they are in life.

Now streaming on Netflix, Someone Great, give it a watch for a feel-good movie.


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