A lot of movement with the plot and the reveal of the last diamond makes for a great episode.

The previous episode of Steven Universe left people on edge. Fans were left hanging for the rest of the summer and the entire fall without any new episodes. How does the series makes its return after such a long break? By making sure to keep the story going.


Steven works with Blue and Yellow Diamond to try and heal the corrupted gems.

Steven Universe


The series seems to prize itself on making sure the last cliffhangers before it goes on break are powerful enough to ensure fans will want more. Previously there was the discovery Rose Quartz was in fact Pink Diamond and then Steven proving his identity to Yellow and Blue. With the recent episode, fans are able to see things will will not be coming to an end anytime soon.

There are two big reveals which come from this episode. The first is how Steven is going to be able to save all of the corrupt. There seems to be brief success with turning Centipeedle beck into a Nephrite when the three diamonds use their powers as one. Unfortunately it doesn’t hold and its revealed only when all four of the diamonds work together will the corrupt gems be healed. This means Steven’s ultimate goal will not be fulfilled until he is able convince to work with him. This is easier said than done thanks to the second reveal.

Steven Universe

This is the reveal of White Diamond, the last of the four diamonds. It is immediately apparent she is in a class of her own. She is only shown for a few moments but her imposing look and the blinding light she radiates is almost too much for both Steven and the audience to take in. The very sight of her makes it obvious she will be the final boss of the series and if Steven isn’t at the top of his game everything he cares about will be destroyed.

“Legs From Here To Homeworld” is a fantastic episode and gives the fans what they have wanted for a while. Hopefully next week’s episode will be just as entertaining.


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