Review: THE TOMORROW MAN Is A Well-Acted Young-At-Heart Romance


Featuring career-best turns from John Lithgow and Blythe Danner and a charming script, The Tomorrow Man is sure to be one of the best romances you see all year.


Technical Merit

The Tomorrow Man is a new romantic drama that serves as the feature debut of writer-director Noble Jones. The film stars John Lithgow as a doomsday prepper and Blythe Danner as a hoarder who come together in an attempt to find love. It debuted at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and played at the 2019 Gasparilla International Film Festival among others.

At its core, this movie is a geriatric romance that is somewhat predictable. That being said, like last year’s The Old Man & the Gun, it is written in a way that makes it one of the cutest and most compelling romance movies to come out in quite a long time. It’s hard not to smile while watching these highly revered actors in a relationship.

Another part of what makes the film work so well is the character development. The movie is easily able to make you care about both leads in the film despite their somewhat unapproachable nature. Typically, doomsday preppers are portrayed in media as weird and unlikable, often even crazy. This movie does not do that, instead opting to humanize the protagonist.

The film has a very good balance between its humorous and heartwarming moments. It is refreshing to see a mostly lighthearted movie with such potentially dark subject matter. There is a ton of quirkiness built into the premise. Additionally, none of the emotional moments feel contrived, even the ending, which is a notoriously difficult part for a romance film to nail.

the tomorrow man flag
John Lithgow stars as “Ed” in director Noble Jones’ THE TOMORROW MAN, a Bleecker Street release. Credit: Courtesy of Bleecker Street.

There is a not-too-subtle message in the movie about living in the present. However, despite the fact that it is a bit on-the-nose, this is still an important and meaningful message. In this day and age, too many people are too wrapped up in the past or the future, so it is nice to see a film that encourages us to live and enjoy life.

Lithgow and Danner are the absolute highlights of this movie. As a starring vehicle for the two of them, this film is absolutely wonderful. Both of them are at their best, giving turns that are layered with nuance and emotion. They also have excellent chemistry together, doing a great job of selling the romance.

On a technical level, the movie is also quite strong. The whole film has a warm and inviting feel to it that helps accent the theme and message of the movie. The color scheme is mostly very warm and the lighting soft to create this tone. The production design is quite good too, with a great level of detail put into the homes of the two leads to develop their characters even further.

Overall, The Tomorrow Man was a very impressive film. The script is quite compelling and the two leads both give phenomenal turns. This is a movie you surely won’t want to miss.

The Tomorrow Man is now playing in select theaters.


Sean Boelman
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