Review: YU YU HAKUSHO: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON Is An Underappreciated Classic


An underappreciated classic Shonen Anime.

When reflecting on the works of Yoshiro Togashi, many are quick to think about Hunter X Hunter but sometimes forget about Yu Yu Hakusho. This is an injustice as Yu Yu Hakusho is a shonen series with a lot to offer those who give it a chance.


Yusuke Urameshi is nothing more than a 14-year-old trouble-causing-punk, who’s always ready for a fight! But a single, selfless act results in Yusuke sacrificing his life for another person. Now, he’s been given a second chance at life, instead of spending time in the afterlife. Put to work as a Spirit Realm Detective with amazing powers, he’s tasked with tracking down demons and humans who desire to rule over the three realms of reality.

Yu Yu Hakusho


This first collection explores the basics behind the series. It introduces the team of Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama through different cases the main character, Yusuke takes on. Also, each of these early cases has no reoccurring villain and helps to keep things fresh. Thanks to this element, the first few arcs are easy to digest and are easy to binge in a sitting.

This first collection also has more personal moments in the episodes. From establishing the relationship between Yusuke and Keiko, Kurama’s attempt to sacrifice himself to save his human mother, and Genkai taking Yusuke as her successor. These moments help to connect with the characters and ensure the audience will want to stick around for when the sequential volumes are released.

Yu Yu Hakusho


This series has a lot of the staples associated with anime from the early 90s. The characters have huge eyes, large hair, and big bangs. The animation is lighter in nature which makes things easier to see but it doesn’t skip on the details. Little features like the thorns on Kurama’s whip or Hiei’s evil eye help to give the series a distinct look which makes it a necessity to check out.


A documentary is included with the release. Though it’s not the most essential extra to have on a set, a little appreciation for the series goes a long way. After taking the time to check out the series and all it has to offer, why not go a little farther and learn a lesson about the history behind it.

Yu Yu Hakusho


Yu Yu Hakusho doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. Hopefully, more people will take the time to pick up this new collection and the series will have a second resurgence. THen more people will check out the OVAs which just got announced when they arrive.

Yu Yu Hakusho: The Complete First Season is available from Amazon.


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