Shark Lords – Kings of the Sea | Cake | FXX

Extreme Sports athletes, Braden and Kenneth, lead a small crew on an ethically questionable Shark expedition.

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Shark Lords – Kings of the Sea | Cake | FXX


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  1. I would like to state that I find Shark Lords to be deeply offensive and disgusting. Not the shark fucking because who hasn’t wondered about that at one time or another but instead at the ridicule of American culture. How dare you make fun of Americans fondling their machine guns while eating buckets of chicken! Those are God-given rights! I sincerely hope there’s a 2nd season so you have the opportunity to apologize to all Americans.

    I must admit that the special effects were top rate. Not just that the shark fucking scenes were quite realistic (those weren’t real sharks,were they?) but also the CGI that lengthened Kitty’s legs to longer to that of normal human females. I found that last part to be quite distracting and took away from the whole show because I found myself forgetting that the show was about sharks.

    If there is a second season, please consider expanding the marine life that is “studied” by the show. Including octopuses would provide an opportunity to expand the current cast from 5 characters to 8 whom could all be pleasured by the sea life subjects of study.

  2. Jon Cramer’s comment is brilliant and hilarious.

    It’s the only thing brilliant connected with this show. The entire series could be condensed into the 2-minute pre-title clip from the first episode. This belongs in the context of a sub-par SNL sketch. That’s all the comedic material there is, here.

    Well, every actor is amazing, but I think the entire funny bit is the concept. Once revealed, the joke has been told, and there’s not much more to add. Maybe if you’re stoned?

  3. While certainly the Shark Lords show may be an easy target for some, and for various reasons of their own some may be triggered by the premise, I found it to be very well-acted and just plain dumb-funny and at times even hilarious.

    But in my view, what carries the show by the end is that it’s all about HEART –

    The group sticks together and perseveres (even Tim) through it all and learn something; the brothers stick it out together through various horrible events (Kenneth’s previous coma as well as the poisonous blowfish incident, Braden’s loss of his pup and even his legs to the great white, etc.) and it’s all summed up by Kenneth’s admonition for Braden to give up revenge (“What separates us from them is the power to forgive, so are we monsters, or are we men?”) and Braden’s final comment on the entire torrid series of events, “It’s not the gains we make out there that matter most, it’s the gains we make in here” (pointing to his heart).

    The fictional brothers Rickenbacker make us all better people, if we can finally learn to truly forgive each other in the deepest part of our heart of hearts.


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