Recently most recent season of The Amazing World of Gumball arrived at Hulu and signified the end to the series. With the departure of writer and series creature Ben Bocquelet, the series came to an end with the episode “The Inquisition” which left fans less than satisfied. Now, the lingering question remains: “Should the series continue?”


One of the biggest possibility with a show in this genre is the possibility it will continue to the point they lose their appeal. One only needs to look at The Simpsons or Fairly Oddparents to see when an animated series have lived past their prime. Their legacy is frankly tarnished by going far beyond any good conceivable ending point.


Frankly, The Amazing World Of Gumball ended decently enough. The series didn’t leave any major cliffhangers or plot points. Other than the bizarre last few seconds which occurred in “The Inquisition” there aren’t any major story threads needing to be addressed. For now, it wouldn’t be the worse place to walk away from and let the series remain in good standing with its fans.


This series isn’t even close to being past its prime. The show is filled with too many great characters with stories to tell. Especially since the series isn’t afraid of making characters evolve and grow. This was one of the more appealing aspects of this show. Characters were not forced to stay the same for the entire run of the show. In the course of the series run, Penny changed her appearance, Darwin and Carrie started a relationship, and Anais found a friend.


The Amazing World of Gumball also featured some great references to pop and internet culture without the jokes being overused or falling flat. It even took the time to address and make jokes about a direct knockoff series. Few shows have been able to display such comedy gold.

If anything the series deserves a more extravagant ending. Whether it would be another series or a movie, something much more grand and memorable than what fans received from “The Inquisition.” The Amazing World of Gumball needs to go out on top and not just simply fade away into oblivion. Come on Cartoon Network, don’t let such a fantastic show not be allowed to have one last bow.

What do you think about the ending of The Amazing World of Gumball? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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