Siempre, Luis (2020): Siempre, Raising Our Voices – The Black Women’s Master Class | HBO

Trust Black Women. Period. Black women have always been and continue to be at the forefront of the fight for liberation, healing, and community engagement. In these master classes we’ll hear from incredible Black and Afro-Latinx women who have dedicated their lives to creating spaces for unheard voices and are leading the charge to ensure that Black people get free.

The Master Classes:
Does Your Dream Match Your Vote? by Christin “CiCi” Battle, Organizer and Social Impact Strategist
Aquí Estamos, Here We Are! by Janvieve Williams Comrie, Executive Director of AfroResistance
Es Nuestro Deber, It’s Our Duty by Luz Marquez, Founder of the International Alianza de Mujeres

NegrxHBO partnered with When We All Vote, Black Women’s Blueprint and Hispanic Federation to create a three-part civic engagement mentorship series inspired by Siempre, Luis and Luis A. Miranda, Jr.’s impact. This mentorship series features established activists and organizers who give viewers tangible steps on how to use their voice, activate their communities and practice self-care along the way. #HBO #HBODocs #SiempreLuis
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Siempre, Luis (2020): Siempre, Raising Our Voices – The Black Women’s Master Class | HBO


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