STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 2: This Ain’t No Short Trek

Star Trek Discovery season 2
“Sneeze on me again and I’ll plug yer nose for you.”

Fans of STAR TREK DISCOVERY have waited for the premiere of the second season of the newest iteration of our favourite franchise. STAR TREK DISCOVERY season 2 promises to take fans of the popular franchise on another adventure. Only time will tell whether fans of the already popular franchise will enjoy this new adventure, but I for one am just happy to see some version of the Trek on the airwaves, streaming or otherwise.

STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 2: Humble Origins

The low-budget science-fiction show that started everything premiered in 1966. Fifty-three years later and the franchise continues earning hundreds of millions of dollars per year. That’s amazing considering the humble origins of the Trek. No one’s favourite TV idea in 1966, except for Gene Roddenberry’s, Gene and other Trek legends managed to convince Desilu Studios to produce the show, which Gene described as a kind of WAGON TRAIN to the stars,” basically his way of saying that there would be a steady cast of characters who would go on adventures together every week.

STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 2: Back to Basics

One wonders what Gene would think of DISCOVERY’s second season referring back to his rejected pilot episode, “The Cage.”

Although the “Short Treks” series provided some background information on a few of our favourite characters, none referred to the new ship in town. None other than the USS Enterprise 1701 made an appearance in STAR TREK DISCOVERY’s first season, and, since Jim Kirk would have been but a lowly ensign serving aboard the USS Republic during these events, the Enterprise’s captain is none other than the amazing Christopher Pike.


The trailer for season 2 promises lots of action and whimsy, so this reviewer hopes that the production team have found the right balance between both. I won’t say much about the content of the trailer, but let’s just say that some familiar names are, unsurprisingly, dropped. In terms of how I feel about the new season starting, I’m — as usual — cautiously optimistic, so all I have to say is, “Make it so.”

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