‘SUPERGIRL’ S4 Ep. 6 Review: “Call to Action” Thanksgiving Special

SUPERGIRL, "Call to Action" (copyright CW)

Supergirl’s Turkey Day episode is the episode I’m most thankful for this season. “Call to Action” is a very fitting title for such an action-packed episode. It has a plethora of great action scenes, but also combines all the season’s storylines. For a holiday-themed episode, Supergirl does impossibly well with putting everything together.

This is potentially the strongest Supergirl herself has been this season. This episode has Supergirl driving the main action. As both the Woman of Steel, and as a human reporter, Kara stays busy and active. She challenges Ben Lockwood on TV, joins Alex’s conflict with new Colonel Haley, and even fights alongside Manchester Black. The episode has so many elements coming together, and they’re all coming together around Supergirl. “Call to Action” is the strongest episode of the season, because it actually feels like an episode about Supergirl.

Katie McGrath and Mechad Brooks, SUPERGIRL “Call to Action” (copyright CW)

All of the side characters have interesting storylines too. The episode keeps the side characters engaging, without distracting from the main storyline. “Call to Action” keeps the team in frame, but in a non-distracting way. This episode has maybe the most engaging look at Lena and James, as their relationship is pitted against their independent actions. Even the growing Nia-Brainy storyline gets some love. The Thanksgiving dinner sets the table for a fantastic episode with tons of satisfying storylines.

The episode also does interesting work with its antagonists. Agent Liberty is increasingly interesting with each episode. Ben Lockwood’s no good at leading his terrorist group, but he’s very good at inciting fear. “Call to Action” plays to his strengths, while also exposing his weaknesses. While Manchester Black isn’t exactly a villain, he’s definitely drifting away from the values of the main heroes. His solo scenes of killing the Children of Liberty makes for an exciting new wrinkle to the story. Even Colonel Haley butting heads with Alex is still engaging. This episode has Supergirl fight a DRAGON, and it still isn’t the best conflict Supergirl cooks up for Thanksgiving.


What makes this episode well is the overall balance it brings to the season. Supergirl finds great ways to wrap in all the storylines and characters within one episode. All of the moving parts make “Call to Action” feel like a well-oiled machine. There’s a balance between Supergirl & Kara, between the heroes and the villains. Even the Thanksgiving theme doesn’t bog the episode down. “Call to Action” may be one of the best “holiday” episodes, because it isn’t JUST a holiday episode – it’s everything the season should be. And did I mention Supergirl fought a DRAGON?

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