How To Throw The Perfect Hollywood Punch, Explained | Spenser Confidential | Netflix

The heroes in the Boston action flick Spenser Confidential solve crimes, right wrongs, and drive cool cars. They also punch people. A lot. With help from stars Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, and the film’s stunt coordinator J.J. Dashnaw, we explain everything that goes into landing an effective punch onscreen. Watch Spenser Confidential, only on Netflix:…

Review: BUMBLEBEE Buzzes Louder Than The Series

Bumblebee is the newest entry into the Transformers series, a prequel set in the year 1987 and focusing on the eponymous Autobot. In the film, Bumblebee is on the run and discovers an 18 year-old, Charlie, who is dealing with problems of her own. It is directed by Travis Knight, who was previously known for… Continue reading Review: BUMBLEBEE Buzzes Louder Than The Series