INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Juanmi Azpiroz Shoots Frank Grillo In Hulu’s BOSS LEVEL

Boss Level is a Hulu original film starring Frank Grillo in a wild action movie that draws inspiration from video games, 80s action films, and a comedy classic. Cinematographer Juanmi Azpiroz shot the film and had an epiphany while doing it.

INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Richard Schaefer Wrestles With Cole Hauser In The Last Champion

Cole Hauser stars in The Last Champion, a film from director Glenn Withrow about a disgraced former Olympian wrestler returning to his hometown forced to face his past and create a better future.

INTERVIEW: Director Shaun Paul Piccinio & Cinematographer Brad Rushing Discuss California Christmas

California Christmas is a heartwarming film starring Lauren Swickard and real-life hubby Josh Swickard as a pair of opposites coming together to find laughs and love.

INTERVIEW: Filmmaker Celia Jaspers Hunts Houses And Spreads Compassion

Milk is a heartwarming short film directed by Celia Jaspers, who’s been involved with filmmaking for nearly three decades, including House Hunters International, where she travels the world to makes real estate look great.

INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Carissa Dorson Discusses DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45

Quarantine tensions rise in the horror film Darkness In Tenement 45, starring Nicole Tompkins as a teenage girl battling inner demons while living with her aunt during a biological scare. Cinematographer Carissa Dorson (Funny or Die) used her lens to amplify a dreadful sense of isolation.

INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Hillary Spera Captures The Craft: Legacy For A New Generation

The Craft: Legacy is a new horror film directed by Zoe Lister-Jones (Band Aid, New Girl) about four young witches coming of age and coming to grips with their incredible powers.

INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Thomas Buelens On Making JUMBO Come To Life

Director Zoé Wittock unveiled a new film at Sundance that uses our love for inanimate objects to weave a beautiful story about love and friendship. To help make the motion picture come to life was cinematographer Thoma Buelens. Jumbo stars Noémie Merlant alongside one of the most iconic amusement park attractions imaginable — a Ferris… Continue reading INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Thomas Buelens On Making JUMBO Come To Life

INTERVIEW: Carolina Costa Is A Rising Star Of Cinematography

Babenco: Tell Me When I Die is a film about Hector Babenco, a film director widely known for his Oscar-winning 80s film Kiss of the Spider Woman and the cinematographer behind the luscious black and white documentary is Brazilian-born Carolina Costa. With more than 10 years of experience as a cinematographer, Carolina has contributed to… Continue reading INTERVIEW: Carolina Costa Is A Rising Star Of Cinematography

INTERVIEW: Adrian Peng Correia Makes GLOW On Netflix Shine Bright

Cinematographer Adrian Peng Correia followed the life of a Muslim-American in Remy on Hulu and an American Princess running off to find her dreams (or escape reality), but now he’s faced with the gorgeous ladies of wrestling or GLOW, the Netflix series based on the late 80s wrestling show.

INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Charlie Gruet On THE OTHER TWO

The Other Two is a new comedy on the home for funnies, Comedy Central, about two adult siblings dealing with the incredible rise to Internet fame by their teenage brother and Charlie Gruet makes it all look its best. Connecticut-born Charlie Gruet grew up a film-fan and went straight into film school. Starting his career… Continue reading INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Charlie Gruet On THE OTHER TWO