INTERVIEW: Director Lance Drake Helps Mess With Reality In Muse: Simulation Theory

Muse is an English rock band with eight studio albums, dozens of hit songs, and an eclectic sound that seems like it’s not only from the future but multiple versions of the future. Director Lance Drake has made music videos for Muse, and now he collaborates with the band for their most ambitious project yet, a film based on their 2018 album, Simulation Theory.

Review: I AM MOTHER is Daring but Flawed

I Am Mother is an inventive and well thought out sci-fi thriller that suffers from a trudging pace and inconsistent structure. It can never quite make up its mind about whether it wants you to piece the clues together yourself, or if it just wants to explain the plot through long, drawn-out expositional dialogue. Spoiler… Continue reading Review: I AM MOTHER is Daring but Flawed