INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Juanmi Azpiroz Shoots Frank Grillo In Hulu’s BOSS LEVEL

Boss Level is a Hulu original film starring Frank Grillo in a wild action movie that draws inspiration from video games, 80s action films, and a comedy classic. Cinematographer Juanmi Azpiroz shot the film and had an epiphany while doing it.

Box Office Flashback: December – A Cop, A Mind Reader, And A Legacy

The box office is a peculiar place that, upon closer look, makes a lot of sense if you take into account the world as a whole. Thirty years ago, an action star ruled the box office with a comedy. Twenty years ago, a man got a glimpse into the mind of women, and ten years ago, a cult classic returned in visually stunning style.

Review: FATMAN Offers Bizarre Take On Santa Claus

Fatman is as ridiculous as its synopsis indicates, but commits to its narrative in hopes that the audience will take it seriously. Santa Claus is not as Jolly as rumors claimed, he is an alcoholic who just angered the wrong child this Christmas. Fatman might find itself on the yearly holiday season must watch list, but for all… Continue reading Review: FATMAN Offers Bizarre Take On Santa Claus