LOKI – For All Time. Always. | TV Review

The first season of Loki has reached its climax with “For All Time. Always.” It’s a finale that has huge implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as Loki. Loki and Sylvie have arrived at the Citadel at the End of Time and prepare to confront the person behind the TVA and Time Keepers. They… Continue reading LOKI – For All Time. Always. | TV Review

LOKI – Journey Into Mystery | TV Review

Loki has reached its penultimate episode with ‘Journey Into Mystery’. It’s also the maddest 50 minutes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the end of ‘The Nexus Event,’ Loki had been pruned by Ravonna Renslayer. Instead of being killed, Loki has been sent to the end of the time which is inhabited by many different Lokis.… Continue reading LOKI – Journey Into Mystery | TV Review

LOKI – The Nexus Event | TV Review

‘The Nexus Event’ returns Loki back to its grand roots are a smaller, character-driven episode ‘Lamentis.’   Loki and Sylvie’s fate seems sealed after The Ark on Lamentis gets destroyed. However, they are able to cause a major Nexus Event and get arrested by the TVA. When in TVA custody Loki tries to prove to Mobius that… Continue reading LOKI – The Nexus Event | TV Review

LOKI – Lamentis | TV Review

After the exciting conclusion of ‘The Variant’, the third episode of Loki sees our favorite Norse trickster team up with an alternative version of himself. The Variant, AKA Lady Loki, AKA Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) has sent a lot of time reset charges across the points in time and she goes to TVA with the aim to kill the Time Keepers. Her… Continue reading LOKI – Lamentis | TV Review

LOKI – The Variant | TV Review

After the excellent introductory episode “Glorious Purpose,” the second episode gets things going as Loki starts his work with the TVA. The Variant strikes again by attacking a TVA unit at a Renaissance Fair in Wisconsin, 1985. The Variant is even able to a capture a TVA agent. Agent Mobius sees Loki as being the… Continue reading LOKI – The Variant | TV Review