INTERVIEW: Cinematographer Hillary Spera Captures The Craft: Legacy For A New Generation

The Craft: Legacy is a new horror film directed by Zoe Lister-Jones (Band Aid, New Girl) about four young witches coming of age and coming to grips with their incredible powers.

Review: THE CRAFT: LEGACY Offers Jumbled Witchcraft

The Craft: Legacy proves early on that it should have been a reboot instead of this convoluted mess. It offers hollow characters intertwined with a script that abandons the appeal of the original. In 1996, the coven was strong and had a purpose, but today it’s watered down and cashing in on nostalgia alone. The Craft: Legacy is… Continue reading Review: THE CRAFT: LEGACY Offers Jumbled Witchcraft

Lovecraft Country: The Craft – Co-Executive Producers, Sonya Winton-Odamtten & Jonathan Kidd | HBO

“Our aspirations as writers is to inform by exploring worlds that are marginal.” Co-executive producers and writers Jonathan Kidd & Sonya Winton-Odamtten share how historical context informed the process of creating Lovecraft Country. #HBO #LovecraftCountry #SonyaWintonOdamtten #JonathanKidd Subscribe to HBO on YouTube: Official Site of Lovecraft Country on HBO: Stream on HBO Max:…