‘THE FLASH’ S6 Ep. 6 Review: “The Icicle Cometh”

‎Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow in THE FLASH, "The Icicle Cometh" (copyright CW)

The Flash had one of its weaker episodes this week. “The Icicle Cometh” isn’t as bad as episodes of season past, but it’s a dip for the season. While having a Caitlin-centric episode works in theory, the story we get from it is pretty predictable. Along with that story, none of the side stories carry the dropped weight. The episode is pleasant, and the acting/writing/directing/etc work fine. But for a standout season, “The Icicle Cometh” is a slight lull.

The problem with “The Icicle Cometh” is the father plot. SPOILERS BELOW, of course. It’s great that The Flash brings back Killer Frost, who has really added more depth to Caitlin Snow. The promise of meeting Caitlin’s presumed-dead father is also an interesting premise. However, the episode quickly falls into tropes – Thomas Snow (Kyle Secor) pretends to be nice, but turns out he’s an evil alter-ego, and wants Killer Frost to join him. After 10-15 minutes, you can see the twists coming. The return of Killer Frost is fun, but the villainous Mister Snow is not (no matter how many Mister Freeze Easter Eggs he drops).

Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, and Carlos Valdes in THE FLASH, “The Icicle Cometh” (copyright CW)

Unfortunately, the lesser storylines of the episode aren’t particularly interesting either. It’s nice that Iris and Nora are on good terms, but their new relationship is bogged down by the ever-cheesey Sherloque. Cecile is an interesting character, but we haven’t seen her as a badass enough before this to buy it as a main storyline. Both of these storylines are similar to the central Caitlin conflict. The Flash does the best it can with some weaker story elements, making an iffier episode.

At the very least, The Flash explores Cicada a bit more. Cicada is a bit like The Punisher – a hyper-violent vigilante. While he’s got beef with all of Team Flash, it seems his primary motivation is stopping violent metas. He’s like a mix between Frank Castle and Supergirl’s Agent Liberty. He’s even got his own Night Nurse in his meta-hating ally Doctor Ambres. It’s not enough to keep “The Icicle Cometh” afloat, but it works as a side story.


“The Icicle Cometh” isn’t an awful episode, by any Ralph-Dibny-stretch of the means. All of the elements of the episode technically work, but they don’t pack a punch. The Flash has an episode with some of the lowest stakes of a single season six episode.

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