“The Road To Avengers: Endgame” Concept Art! | Earth’s Mightiest Show

Get behind-the-scenes looks at the designs of characters, weapons, and settings from the MCU from the new book The Road to Avengers: Endgame. Plus, podcaster and mega-fan Travis McElroy settles burning Marvel debates.

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You spoke and we listened! We asked for what MCU props, character designs and settings you wanted to learn more about, so Earth’s Mightiest Show hosts Lorraine Cink and Langston Belton dive into some of the amazing MCU concept art and behind-the-scenes details from the new book The Road to Avengers: Endgame. Then Langston talks with podcaster extraordinaire Travis McElroy about his Marvel fandom and ask him to settle some burning Marvel debates like the classic: Is Spider-Man red or blue? Then Lorraine and Langston break down their favorite moments so far from the huge Marvel universe-spanning event War Of The Realms.

Read War of The Realms: Journey Into Mystery from the Marvel Digital Comic Shop or at your local comic book shop.

Check out Travis’ podcasts, “My Brother, My Brother, and Me,” “The Adventure Zone,” “Schmanners,” and more at www.travismcelroy.com or wherever you get your podcasts.

Purchase “The Road to Avengers: Endgame” wherever books are sold.

Go see Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame in theaters now.

Want to catch up on all the latest from the mighty realm-spanning event that is War Of The Realms? Look no further. Here’re all the WOTR tie-ins from May for you to get caught up on all things-WOTR!

War of the Realms Strikeforce: The Dark Elf Realm #1
Champions #5
War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #2
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #44
War of the Realms Strikeforce: The War Avengers #1
War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #3
Giant Man #1
War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1
Spider-Man & The League Of Realms #1
War of the Realms: Punisher #2
War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #2
War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #2
Asgardians of the Galaxy #9
Avengers #19
Venom #14
War of the Realms Strikeforce: The Land of Giants #1
Fantastic Four #10
Thor #13
War of the Realms: War Scrolls #2
Giant-Man #2

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