Do you love your mother and her two-hit multi-target attacks

Playing video games with your family is normal but in Do you love your mother and her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks, the main character is stuck in a game with his mom. Welcome to Three Episode Report. This article will judge an anime on its first three episodes to show if it gets a PASS (meaning it passed and more episodes need to be watched) or a FAIL (meaning you probably should not watch it any further).


Masato Oosuki’s dream has just come true: he’s been transported into the world of a video game. But for some reason, his doting mother, Mamako, has come along with him?! A whole new style of fantasy comedy, where your mom tags along on your heroic adventures!


Isekai (translated as “Unknown Realm”) anime series have become very abundant in the last couple of years. Especially when the unknown realm is a video game world. This means series in this genre need to make sure they are able to stand out. So what does this series bring to the table?

The best selling points of this series are Mamako and the in-jokes it makes about MMORPGs. Though the jokes are really hit or miss, Mamako is really the shining star of the series. She’s a compassionate person, devoted to her son, and comically naive about how video games work. Seeing her in action is the most entertaining part of the show.

Do you love your mother and her two-hit multi-target attacks


This one is undermined by its overabundance of fanservice. By the second episode, there is a monster which eats off Mamoka’s clothes and in the third episode, she goes for a hot springs bath with her son. Her biological son, which should be a breaking point for many. All of these scenes are intentionally blurred out which will be removed for those who decide to buy the Blu-rays for the series. All you have to do is pay extra so you can see Mamako, the hot anime mom of the year naked. When this is one of the major points of the series it goes to show how little the show has to offer.


This one gets a FAIL. Sadly, the series isn’t able to stand out other than the fact it features Mamako. It really seems like the whole series is set up to introduce her and how attractive she can be. Expect to see a lot of figurines based on this character in the future. For now, everyone is better off checking out Sword Art Online or if you are willing to check out an older show, watch Magic Knight Rayearth. Both of which are much better than creepy undertones which radiate out of this series.

Do you love your mother and her two-hit multi-target attacks

Do you love your mother and her two-hit multi-target attacks is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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