Somali and the forest spirit

Time to start looking at the new anime of the Winter 2020 season, starting with Somali and the Forest Spirit. Welcome to Three Episode Report. This article will judge an anime on its first three episodes to show if it gets a PASS (meaning it passed and more episodes need to be watched) or a FAIL (meaning you probably should not watch it any further). Today’s entry, a pleasant little show featuring a human and her supernatural father figure.


Somali is a human in a monster world. Her only companion is a mysterious protector of the forest, a Golem, who she looks up to as a father. The Golem has worn to help Somali find her parents and will stand against any who tries to hurt her.

Somali and the Forest Spirit


This series has a lot of great potential behind it. There is some incredible animation quality, some intriguing and unique characters, and a lot of great stories to be told. The different monster races they come across have a distinct look to them and showcase a lot of imagination on the part of the original author. It’s nice to see designs for monsters don’t always have to be fan service heavy.

The emotional bond between Somali and the Golem is powerful. It feels very refreshing to see a purely platonic relationship in an anime. Too often characters are paired off, even by fans of the show in a romantic manner. This is definitely not the case here as the relationship between Somali and the Golem is strictly similar to a child and their parent.

Somali and the Forest Spirit


This series is a bit low on the action side. The Golem has yet to show any fighting abilities (at least in these first three episodes) and it seems like him behind some kind of combat master would detract from the feel of the series. Also, there is is a big hint at the end of the second episode, this show is shaping up to hit the audience in the feels. If your not in the mood for something emotional, you probably better avoid this show.


This one definitely PASSES. It’s a fun little series and has a lot of emotion behind it. It’s setting up for a more emotional ending but if you are in the mood for something other than mindless action or over the top fan service. Somali and the Forest Spirit may just be a contender for series of the year.

Somali and the Forest Spirit

Somali and the Forest Spirit is streaming on Crunchyroll.

By Anthony Wendel

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