Top Casino Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Today

Top Casino Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Today

Casino themed movies don’t come too frequently, and the ones that are produced these days range from raw documentaries to historic accounts to even spoofs. However, there are some must-watch Casino themed films hidden inside the huge databases of online digital platforms alongside many that you’d rather give a miss. Hence the reason why we’ve created a shortlist of some of the top-rated casino movies you can watch on Netflix today.

As brick and mortar casinos can’t be visited by everyone regularly, unless of course, you gamble for a living, cinema has the power to deliver an alternative form of gambling entertainment that can be enjoyed by the entire family together. On the other hand, you can also indulge in some exciting gambling activity from within the comfort of your home at a top-rated legal online gambling Canada website. Getting back to the Casino themed Netflix movies, most of these delve into the thrills of gambling and the darker side of high-stakes gambling activity. Let’s tell you about them below.


Inspired from the Ben Mezrich non-fiction work ‘Bringing Down the House’, 21 is a true story of a group of MIT students who become experts at Blackjack card counting and devise a plan to dupe some of the biggest casino establishments in Las Vegas. Led by their professor, they create covert signals and secret codes to help them carry out heist-type raids on Sin City’s casinos, arriving and leaving on a regular basis until their plan gets noticed by the casino bosses.

It’s a classic casino film that will make you want to learn card counting yourself. At the same time, you’ll see casino card game enthusiasts shaking their heads in disbelief.

Ocean’s Eleven

A big favorite of the gambling-lovers world over, Ocean’s Eleven is a Hollywood film based on a heist with many comedic and thrilling twists, against an amazing Las Vegas backdrop. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, it features a celebrity cast including artists like George Clooney playing the role of Danny Ocean, engaged in a war of money, power, and love with Terry Benedict. A masterfully directed film, it’s a remake of a classic from the 1960s era and gives you many edge of the seat thrills. An overall crowd-pleasing film, Ocean’s Eleven went on to collect a handsome $ 450 million from the box office. On a side note, here are some facts related to the film that not many people know about.

Win it All

Having plenty of comic value, this one is another popular gambling film that is focused on poker-related aspirations of certain individuals. It is available on Netflix and like the above movies, can be streamed right away. The film is based on plots of honor and friendship mixed up with a game of luck. Win it All is a type of film that appeals to the gambler in everyone. The protagonist is faced with the task of recovering $ 100,000 which his friend had trusted with him, before heading to prison. Unfortunately, he blows away the entire sum while gambling. It is a type of film which is immensely loved by budding poker players everywhere and also has premium-grade family entertainment value attached to it.

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