WANDAVISION – The Series Finale | TV Review

WandaVision has reached its conclusion with an action-packed episode which had reveals that will be important for future Marvel projects.

Agatha holds Wanda’s son hostage, forcing Wanda to use her powers against the more experienced witch: something Agatha wants to happen. S.W.O.R.D. has sent in the resurrected body into Westview to take down Wanda, leading to a giant battle between two vibranium androids.

“The Series Finale” was pretty much the third act of an MCU movie, the point in the film where the heroes and villain have their showdown. As a CGI fest and action spectacle, it’s up there with many of the cinematic entries. Wanda and Agatha throw spells and hexes at each other whilst the two versions of Vision fight in the sky and crash down into the ground. There were crowd-pleasing moments during these battles, like when Wanda and her family stand together like The Incredibles. The finale can be seen like an anime series since many have an action-ordinated climax.

Whilst “The Series Finale” was an action-filled episode it also presented moral dilemmas and provided information for the future of the MCU. Wanda has to face the ethical issues of her illusion when Agatha breaks Wanda’s control of the townspeople. Wanda realizes that she’s the villain to Westview’s residents because they beg her to free them or let them die. But if she lets the people go, she will lose her family. It all plays into the themes of the series where Wanda needs to move on from her grief.

In the finale Agatha reveals that Wanda is really the Scarlett Witch, a powerful witch who doesn’t need a coven and be more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme. She also states that the Scarlett Witch is destined to bring destruction. This was the series setting up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness where Wanda is going to be the villain.

In the comics Agatha has been a tutor to Wanda. The finale did play on this because Wanda did learn from Agatha during the battle.

The two Visions did have a superpowered battle but they were evenly matched. They had the same set of abilities. Because of this, they had to resolve their fight through a philosophical debate instead of laser blasts and punching. It’s in character for Vision due to his intelligence and it makes a change to the usual superpowered fisticuffs.

The other way the finale ties into the wider MCU was with its post-credit scenes. The post-credit scenes have been a tradition in the MCU since the beginning. One scene was setting up Captain Marvel 2, whilst Wanda’s scene was similar to the ending of The Incredible Hulk where the main characters were living in solitude.

“The Series Finale” was as deep or character-driven as the other WandaVision episodes, but it does work as a popcorn experience and still manages to have strong emotional moments.

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